Purchase of New Office
A big day after a long wait
4 June, 2017 by
Purchase of New Office
Segrey Software BV, Steven Segers
In 2009 I started the Segrey Software in my living room (or in my garage, whichever you find more authentic). 5 years later we made a big step up, moving to a rented office-space with some penthouse qualities. However, due to various technicalities we could not extend our lease beyond June 2016. Therefore we started looking for another location. After considering all options, we found there were numerous advantages to buying our place rather than keep renting something. So we set out to find the perfect building. This turned out to be a more involved process than we had anticipated. However, today we can finally announce that we concluded the purchase of a property, so we now really have a new home.
That is to say, we have the building. It does require some renovation before we can move in, so we're not ready to throw an inauguration party just yet. We hope to be able to schedule this event before the end of this year.
The building is located just across the street of our first office, on the other side of the Expresweg in Bruges.
Watch this space for updates on this project in the coming months...
Purchase of New Office
Segrey Software BV, Steven Segers 4 June, 2017
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